About Monitos

The town of Monitos is situated along the Pacific coast and is known for its gorgeous beaches and laid-back vibes. Here you can enjoy Colombia at its finest with palm tree-lined beaches and clear waters, offering the perfect backdrop to soak up the sunny weather.

Things to do

In Monitos, there is plenty to do for outdoor lovers with adventure waiting around every corner. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you can ride out to sea and cast out your line or have a taste of fresh seafood in a restaurant along the beach.

Catch a boat out to Fuerte Island for a day of snorkelling among colourful coral or walking through some of Columbia’s most unique trees, including the tuntun and bonga. Time your visit for one of the municipality’s many festivals, such as Shrimp Festival in September and the Fiesta patronal in December, which features live music and dance parties.

Getting around

Monitos’ small size makes walking around this town very easy. Taxis also provide reliable transport around town and to nearby destinations. If you’re driving from Monteria, expect about a two-hour trip.