About Albera Ligure

Set in the foothills of Monte Chiappo, Cabella Ligure is an alpine village known for its world-class restaurants, superb mountain views and secluded ambience. Far from any large city, Cabella Ligure’s natural surroundings and rustic facades set it apart from other Italian towns.

Things to do

Your gourmet tour of Cabella Ligure begins at Azienda Agricola Alta Valle. Housed in a traditional Italian villa, the restaurant is situated against Monte Chiappo and features sweeping views of the mountains and countryside below. Taste some of the local specialties, including rabbit ravioli, honey roasted pork and delicate homemade cakes, topped off with Italian wine handpicked by their sommelier.

Explore Cabella Ligure’s cobblestone streets and medieval buildings with a leisurely stroll. Visit the Cultural Center, where you can learn about the history of life along the Bòrbera River and find a rooftop view of the town.

Built in 1832, Hotel Ponte is a glimpse into Cabella Ligure’s past. Hotel Ponte is now a charming countryside inn with an award-winning restaurant. Meals are prepared using local ingredients, such as crisp renette apples, savoury goat cheese and delectable truffles. After a long day of exploring, curl up next to Hotel Ponte’s wood-burning fireplace and watch the Bòrbera River flow by.

Getting around

Cabella Ligure can be reached from Milan or Genoa by car, taxi or bus. The town is small and is serviced by buses. There’s no public transportation in the city centre, so driving or walking is recommended.